What We Provide

It is a core product used by majority of our customers to finance working capital(stock,salaries and others) It is a self-liquidating facility as repayment is expected to be made from cash generated, conversion of the assets(inputs,stocks,salaries and running costs) and directly from the sale of the item financed(Thus, cash sales or credit sales).


  • <> The repayment terms is usually not more than twelve(12) months
  • <> Good turn overs
  • <> Capable and creditable guarantors
  • <>Cash of 33% of the loan assets of the business.

Available to salary earners(including new employees who are waiting to start receiving salaries) and professional high net-worth individuals working in identifiable formal companies, Government Officials and Professionals such as Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Nurses, Pharmacists, Accountants, Engineers,Managing Consultants, Lecturers etc.


  • <> Up to 48 monthly
  • <> Loan size depends on the income size, the purpose and statutory requirements.
  • <> The loan purpose includes Christmas shopping, the payment of house rent, purchase of furniture and equipment, parcel of land purchase of farmland completion of house.


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This is a special loan product design to increase the working capital of traders. The susu loan qualification is characterized by daily contributions . the amount granted as loan is based on the contribution trend over a period of one(1) or two(2) months.


  • <> Six(6) month to Twelve(12) months repayment plan
  • <> Cash lien of range of 1/3 to 1/4 guarantee
  • <> Minimum of one(1) guarantor
  • <> Borrower must continue to deposit daily as a source of loan repayment.

This product exists to assist families grant befitting and decent burial to their loved ones. The facility is a short term one, with flexible repayments terms. A borrower would have to provide credible evidence of death and that he has rightful responsibility for the performance of the said funeral and therefore proceeds of the funeral or other benefits of the deceased will be channelled through him.


  • <> At most two weeks
  • <> Collateral
  • <> Two capable and credible guarantors

The bank provides overdraft facilities to business customers to boost working capital.


  • <> Two capable and credible guarantors.
  • <> Cash of 33% of the loan and or landed property, motor vehicles and or assets of the business.
  • <> Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises engaged in trade, manufacturing service, agro processing, service (schools, caterers, clinics) etc and located in rural urban and peri-urban communities in the Bank’s catchment areas(Kumasi, Wiamoase, Agona,Boamang, Tetrem,Asamang Bepoase Bepoa) all in the Ashanti Region.