Salaried workers and other customers usually have long term plans of owning properties such as houses, vehicles, farmland,shops/stores. They may also have plans to further their education by going to school or may plan to provide for their children’s education.Besides, it is even advisable that in their more youthful age they plan to retire and live more comfortably.Okomfo Anokye Rural Bank thus provides a savings account product to meet the future needs of these workers..

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  • A minimum account opening deposit of GHC5.

  • A minimum account balance of GHC50 is maintainable at all times..

  • 5% per annum interest rate (payable) on a minimum savings account balance of GHC50 cedis at all times.

  • Account maintenance fees shall not be charged.

  • Withdrawal from the account is allowed once a year.

  • No Account maintenance fee is charged

  • The product features take care of your future...

  • Attractive interest rate applied on higher amounts saved over longer terms..

  • High interest rate/yield..

  • Withdrawal from the account is allowed once a year.

  • Can be used as collateral for a loan.