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Ria Remittance

The e-zwich system offers Deposit and Withdrawal from Okomfo Anokye Rural Bank. It is a platform that enables the Banks to inter-operate. (ie with ezwich card, a customer can use the card in any Bank that provide the ezwich service).


A key difference between the e-zwich card and other electronic payment instruments is the fact that e-zwich can be accessed more widely than most cards. Currently, all the major banks, rural banks and savings and loans companies offer services to all e-zwich cardholders regardless of the bank that issued the card. Retail and corporate merchants are also able to offer e-zwich services to all e-zwich cardholders. As e-zwich cardholders, you therefore can leverage on the branch network of all participating financial institutions for all e-zwich transactions as if they were outlets of your bank without any complications.