The loan is available for only group members of solidarity groups which are also members of a Credit Association(CA)

  • A minimum loan amount of GH¢ 500 is granted for first time borrower depending on the business size

  • Group creation are solely initiated by members without influence or restriction from outside parties.

  • A mandatory savings par week of repayment with CWE Loans.

  • Loan processing fees will be paid upfront or deducted from loan amount before disbursement.

  • Interest rate is moderate.

  • Training sessions in leadership will be conducted for each CA.

  • Group members must be prepared to provide joint and several guarantees..

  • Each loan must be supported with savings, generated by the group and equal to or more than 10% of the loan amount to be granted.

  • The loan is for period of four (4) to six (6) months(loan cycle).

  • The loan repayment is either in weekly or monthly bases.

  • The average loan size is GH¢500 per member with the maximum size being GH¢1,000.Normally, once its granted the maximum loan goes through a process of graduation (repeat borrowing).

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